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A magical place for over 600 years

Archaeological findings suggest that this unique promontory on the Lower Lake wa appreciated for its beauty <s early as Roman times. But exactly what kind of settlement stood here during Late Antiquity remains lost in the mists of time. Was it a country house? A small sanctuary? We do not know. The common name given to Arenenberg in the Middle Ages was “Narrenberg”, indicating that traces from Late Antiquity must have been evident here for a long time, since the word “Narr” was used in those days to describe things that were very old and of inexplicable origin.


  • Archaeological stray finds.

  • First documentary proof.

  • The Carthusian monastery of Maria Saal acquires the Narrenberg as a wine-growing estate.

  • The Narrenberg is back in private ownership.

  • Arenenberg is owned by various Patrician families.

  • The von Streng family lives in the castle.

  • Hortense de Beauharnais buys Arenenberg.

  • The chapel is built.

  • Prince Louis Napoleon has a significant influence on landscape gardening at Arenenberg.

  • Queen Hortense dies.

  • Louis Napoleon is forced to sell his family home.

  • Napoleon III repurchases Arenenberg and has it restored to its original state.

  • Napoleon III dies.

  • Empress Eugenie gives Arenenberg to the Canton of Thurgau as a present.